Leilani Downer

The Arrangement Film

The Arrangement -

Two strangers accept an arrangement that makes them bedroom buddies and anything but lovers.

Starring Ashley Johnson (The Blindspot), Brian Fortuna (No Solicitors), Andrew Lawrence (Hawaii Five-O),  and Vanessa Lee Chester (Jurassic Park III)



Emily and Louis are newlyweds; happily married until she discovers he still has the key to his bachelor apartment. Enter Arizona and Joe… the couple’s single best friends, but strangers to one another.

At Emily’s request Arizona moves in to make sure Louis loses all access to an apartment he still holds the lease on. While Joe’s occupation has everything to do with Louis having a place to go should he one day need it. Very quickly things between Joe and Arizona become intense as determination to get the other out heats up. Truth is where there’s heat there’s often a flame. Those destined to be together sometimes meet in the strangest of ways. The Arrangement is just one of them.

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